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Microsoft Released MS-DOS!

A few steps for the reluctant sewists to get back on the machine

You probably have seen someone sew in your life:
If you have grown up in a home where your granny and mom were creative then in all probability you must have seen them working on the sewing machine. There is such a romantic feel about women working on the machine that even today years later whenever I think of my grandmother I can only picture her sitting on the cushion and bending over that beauty of a sewing machine and weaving out heavenly patterns and crafts that could put anyone to shame!


My mum was one step further:
My mother was not only very good at the machine but she had the dexterity to make such wonderful handicraft that she was easily in the best and the most creative kid in the block. I am not saying this because she was my mother but because I have seen old trophies by the dozen and loads of certificates that my mum won when we cleared the attic and the garage of my grandmother’s house after she passed away. My mother was overjoyed to find the haul and she very proudly displays all the trophies in her showcase and the certificates are newly framed and hung across her living room and over the work table where she works on her twin sewing cum embroidery machine.


Here are a few steps you may want to take yourself in case it is been a while that you left sewing as a hobby:

Take a class:
The first thing that you must do to be able to get back into the groove is to take a professional classroom type of setting tutorial to be able to understand whether this hobby is at all for you. Look, you may have been a master seamstress a few years ago and you may have had it while you were at it but once there is a time lag it is always better to relearn the skill before investing a lot of money into buying the stitching equipment sand then finding out that you have lost the steam for it!

Hence because it was mechanical, could be programmed, and receive input (via punched tape) and then give out output (that is, the solution to the inputted problem) it is classed as the first modern day computer. Unfortunately the Z1 Computer was destroyed just 5 years later during World War II. General use tends to include word processing . She believes that Jesus has been extremely kind to her by giving her such a beautiful skill that it endears people towards her and she is able to give herself in service to humanity.


Starting with smaller projects:

If you are taking back stitching as a hobby after a prolonged gap try to start off with simpler and smaller projects because you might end up feeling overwhelmed by taking a very ambitious one at the first go. The adage "slow and steady wins the race" is most apt to be quoted here. A big part of mum's earnings go to charity and also to certain pet projects that she has been supporting since.

Getting a machine:

Till you warm up why not get your old machine working rather than buying a new one? Once you are up and working on a daily basis you can invest in a new machine which can be updated and upgraded to the kind of skill level that you re-learnt or that you want to learn and progress in your life to. If you have a relative who is close enough to be able to lend you her sewing machine so that you understand whether.

Mum is well known in the locality:

Every bride in town has worn or aspires to wear a wedding gown made by my mum and mum is very proud about this achievement.

Make mistakes!

Yes, make mistakes because that is the best way to learn. You can improve your steps only when you are stuck at places. So don’t be afraid to go wrong.


You may want to read about the various options that are available in the market regarding the latest machines and equipments. This one site has been particularly useful to people who have been meaning to come back to their first passion – sewing but who took time but finally did arrive! So, when are you?